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We are currently accepting applications to fill two trainee slots for the period spanning the 7/2018 - 6/2020 academic years. The period may be extended to three years with the approval of the Executive Committee. These slots are quite competitive among UCSF general surgery residents. However, applicants from the UCSF East Bay residency program and other institutions are welcome to apply. 

Eligibility Criteria 

  • MD or DO Degree
  • Categorical resident in general surgery with 2-4 years of clinical surgical training in a US-approved surgical residency
  • U.S. Citizen, non-Citizen U.S. national, or person lawfully admitted for permanent residence

Preparation of the Research Proposal

Each applicant is expected to meet with his or her Core Faculty Member (15) months prior to the expected start date of the training program to develop a research program. Applicants will develop a proposed research plan in consultation with their mentors and prepare a 2-3 page research proposal including the following:

  • A brief literature review
  • Statement of the general research question and hypothesis
  • List of specific aims

The Department of Surgery Research Committee and the Executive Committee for the training grant will independently review each proposal. A critique of the proposal by the reviewing bodies is considered an essential first step in the training program. Ultimately, however, each research proposal must be approved by the Executive Committee.

Application Documents

Please submit the following documents via email to :

  1. Cover Letter
  2. Signed Application (Click here for interactive PDF which can be saved to your desktop or device and emailed) 
  3. Curriculum Vitae
  4. Three (3) letters of recommendation: one from your Department Chair, one from a Program Director, and the third from a person familiar with your work
  5. Research Proposal (2-3 Pages as described below)
  6. Statement of Career Goals  

Selection Process

Selection of a specific laboratory and mentor is a collaborative process and should align with the trainee's interests, relevant research background, and career goals.

The Executive Committee will evaluate all applicants and approve their entry into the T32 research training program. We expect that applicants will have already identified a faculty mentor through:

  • Direct Meetings (UCSF and UCSF East Bay Residents)
  • Videoconference and/or e-mail (Residents from institutions outside the region)

Selection criteria will include:

  • Previous scholarship
  • Demonstrated clinical abilities
  • Observed potential and intent to become a serious, productive and creative academic surgeon

Applicants who meet the above criteria with the strongest research proposals will be invited for in-person interviews. We strive to select a diverse group of trainees who will enrich the Department of Surgery and UCSF Medical Center. 

For More Information

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