We have already posted several written testimonials of members. These will soon to be supplemented by video interviews.

Comments and Critiques

We are actively soliciting comments from our T32 trainees so we get an frank and honest assessments of the trainee experience in our program. These comments may be signed or may be submitted anonymously at your option. Your feedback is very important because it helps demonstrate to the NIH our unwavering commitment to improving the T32 trainee experience.

Member News

Program participants can submit news about grant awards,  research advances they have made in basic and translational science, community and global outreach, and other achievements. 

Thank you.

Hobart W. Harris - 144xHobart W. Harris, M.D., M.P.H.
Professor and Chief, Division of General Surgery
Vice-Chair, Department of Surgery
J. Engelbert Dunphy Endowed Chair in Surgery
Director, Infection, Injury & Immunity Lab